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Greening the Momosphere: Mommy Blogs and Social Change

(This research paper is the cumulative result of a semester spent researching  sustainability culture in the United States–particularly in the realm of parenting. In the post below, you’ll find the introduction. Click  here for  the full paper.)  November 5, 2012. … Continue reading

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“The Lottery” and Charter School Semiotics

On December 6th, SFER St. Olaf hosted a film screening of the hit Education documentary The Lottery. Focused on the successes of one very high performing charter school in New York, this film is known for its emotional pull and … Continue reading

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Words With Friends: Making and Breaking Connections in the New Millenium

As the glowing green numbers on two clocks move closer to midnight, my parents sit upright in their Queen-sized bed—knees forming a peak beneath the sheets. Their brows are furrowed, their eyes fixed on 4.33” x 2.36” iPhone 4 screens … Continue reading

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Tiffany Box #1

(This post was the final exam for my American Studies course this semester. We were asked to “dense fact” an artifact of American culture–taking something “ordinary” and unveiling its hidden meanings. At our scheduled final exam time, we displayed each … Continue reading

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20 Empty Desks

Yesterday, as I ate my oatmeal and performed the daily ritual of reading my horoscope, 20 elementary school children in Newtown Connecticut were shot to death at point-blank range. When I saw the headlines– buzzing urgently in a series of … Continue reading

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An Army of Liberated Cliches

I sat today in the windowless media room of our college library with my legs crossed and pink headphones tucked inside my ears. The woman on the screen told me that I am a slave to the commercials I’ve seen … Continue reading

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