A Day in the Life

(This post is my first assignment for Media 260. The prompt: Tell a story about how you’ve interacted with media either positively or negatively) 

Thursday morning. 6:45 AM. A twitch of the knee and that sweeping scissor kick of legs as my body rolls out of sleep. That song by the Euro-indie band Beirut bursts from miniature iPhone speakers on the bedside table. My fingers stretch blindly toward the round button at the bottom of rectangular screen–muscle memory tied to personalized alarm clock melody. Curling into fetal position, sound silenced before the roommate stirs, I relax into the 10 luxurious minutes reserved before the brushing of teeth and awkward dance of putting on jeans.

I cock my head and peer at the screen with one eye shut, the weight of my hand-sized digital life cupped between my palms. New York Times app. Daily headlines tailored to fit my interests and needs: Education, Democratic National Convention, Sustainable Living. 3 minutes down, 7 to go.

Three moves waiting in digitized scrabble–my grandmother is annihilating me again. All the way from Arizona, she played “zealot” 7 hours ago. What am I going to do with a Y, a U and a Q? No time for that now.

Reminders app. 200 completed items on your to-do list. 21 on the list for today, boxes waiting to be checked. Queue daily minor anxiety attack at 6:50.

Email. 6 unread messages since 11:00 PM. In a furious tango of thumbs, I respond to members of various student organizations with the quick answers that require little thought or composure. “Yes, the meeting is still on for Monday at 5:45.” “Do you think we need a poster to advertise the information session, or should we stick to Facebook?” I add the others (the multiple paragraph and authority addressed) to the growing to-do list.

The white rectangular body trapped in my grip buzzes urgently. Text from Steve. “Meet you outside of your room in 15?” He knows me well enough to know I’m distracted. “Yes!”

My bare feet hit the carpet and my arms resume the autopilot of making the bed. Quivering with that early morning multi-tasking buzz, I flit from bathroom to closet to dorm room sink. I press the button at the bottom of the iPhone screen repeatedly–checking the time in glowing white curves and skimming Facebook’s feed of photographed college outings demanding “See! We have fun.”

I’m out the door by 7:15 and my phone hasn’t left my side since I was pulled from the haze of sleep. The same screen ended my evening and began my morning–the timeline of my everyday routine stored in its four-cornered memory. Am I one of those “plugged in” people?


(Images below from Emma Koenig’s entertaining blog for 20-somethings everywhere: f*ck I’m in my twenties)


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