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When Will I Become Myself?

  When I was a little girl I loved to play in boxes. Chubby-cheeked and crawling, I nestled into the cardboard confines of the spaces that were meant to hold gifts that would hold my attention. Instead, I found entertainment … Continue reading

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Image from Reflecting on my post about the droll speaking style of a scientist who lectured a group of student researchers last week, I realize that I was more than a bit harsh. My words were hasty and venom-filled, … Continue reading

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What’s Out There?

Friday afternoon and I was sitting in an air conditioned auditorium with nearly 100 other undergraduate research students from Augsburg and St. Olaf Colleges. We were all well-caffeinated and waiting. Two renowned scientist brothers were set to speak from the … Continue reading

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Open Book Inspiration

Two weeks ago I walked into a building that opened my mind to the jacob’s ladder of possibilities that could be my future career. Page-like stairs unfurling before our group of 18 Leaders for Social change, we spent an hour … Continue reading

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Leaders on a Hill: Battling the Opportunity Gap from Above

I watched her with my hands clasped and teeth subconsciously biting at my lips. Her story was told from a shiny new conference room in the Northfield Community Action Center–echoed in an informative tone that didn’t fit such a dynamic … Continue reading

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